Sweetwater recording PC with many upgrades
UAD Pci and bundle
Plug-ins by Waves (all currently available), URS, UAD, PSP, Alti-verb, Anatares, and more.
Mackie 1200F main interface with Presonus Digimax 8ch expansion.
Patchbays by Switchcraft and ADC, wired in house.

Avalon 737SP
Chandler Germanium
Empirical Labs Distressor
Creation Audio Labs MW-1
Art TPS-2 (modified)
Presonus ADL
Ashley parametric EQ (3)
Presonus Studio Channel
Altec 1592B (2 channels)
Altec 1588C Quad (in-house custom)
Stevenson 200 series dual preamp (in-house custom racked)
Yamaha PM-1000 dual preamp (in-house custom racked)
Dukane Medallion 5 into 1 mixer (restored in-house)
Altec 1220 10ch mixing board

Mojave Tube Condenser
Sennheiser MD421 (2)
Shure SM-57
Blue Baby Bottle
Audix I-5
Shure Beta 52 (2)
Blue Ball
Kick Ball
MXL 990 (in-house modified)
MXL 603 (2)
Oktava MK-319 (2) (Oktavamod)
Oktava MK-2500 (2)
Oktava MK-219 (2 in-house modified, 2 stock)
AKG D112
Sennheiser E609
Sennheiser E604 (2)
Nady RSM-4 (1 in-house modified, 1 stock)