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Acheron is a world of its own, waiting for you to discover it

Acheron is a Grimpunk table top role-playing game where you must sacrifice your humanity to fight against the evils of the world. Mystery, monsters, and magic collide in this 1930s era setting where The Government controls the path of History, Factions war for resources, and The Wall looms forever upon the horizon. Are you another cog in the great machine of society, or will you forge your own destiny in the bustling city streets and ancient places once lost to time as history, for the first time in living memory, can be uncovered once more.

We invite you to be a part of uncovering the history of Acheron and making history yourself as a Beta tester. So what are you waiting for? Now is the time to take control of your destiny!

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3-6 Players
Unique Races and Cultures
Free-Form Progression System
Simplified Realism
All Inclusive Package

The World

The world of Acheron is often brutal. The Greys work people to the bone in mega-factories reclaimed from the old world. Ellsons keep indentured servants on ever longer contracts. The Government watches, protects, contains, enforces, controls. Historians dig through the past with fervor, uncaring of any consequence for future generations. The Church resists change with hatred in their hart for Magicians and Mancers. Hunters kill beasts as they always have. And Wexler Agents do the dirty work of anyone with enough cash and a willingness to turn a blind eye.

But these aren't the only players in the game. Anyone who's anyone wants a slice of the pie, but while everyone is scrambling after crumbs there are worse things than men waiting in the dark corners of the world.

The Characters

Acheron is filled with many bright and colorful characters. Different races, backgrounds, and cultures define all the people of Acheron. While the great machine of society may make many feel like worn down cogs everyone has something more to offer the world.

Spirit Darkleechers (left) for instance are as diverse both in looks and culture as nature itself. A deep connection with the natural world and spirit realm give them a great amount of empathy for all living things, but can also lead to cold heartedness for humankind and their kin.

Eldritch Darkleechers (right) are the most alien of all Darkleechers, often finding themselves positioned deep within Darkleecher society or at the fringes of Human society, though rarely by choice. Sly and suspicious due to their connection with the Eldritch plane, they also have great insight into people, places, and things unseen by other eyes.

Ready to Play?

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About Dark World Studios

Dark World Studios started as a dream over six years ago when a few avid ttRPG gamers weren't satisfied with the lack realism, player choice, role-play focus and gritty combat in many games. This world, and game, grew slowly over many years, and iterations. Now the Devs are working hard to bring their vision of a brutalist 1930's world, filled with those horrors which go bump in the night, to life.