The Evolving Art and Lore of Acheron

September 27, 2020
Release Updates

Art and Lore in a Dark Fantasy World

If you've read about our core development philosophies, you know we value a world which feels natural and alive. At Dark World Studios we know that the artwork in table top role-playing games helps ignite the imagination and spur on fantastic ideas and campaigns. Luckily, we have found some truly fantastic artists to bring our vision of Acheron, it's places, people, character, and creatures, to life. As time goes on and Development ramps up towards our Kickstarter launch we will continuously be adding more and more art and lore to not only the website but also our social media pages. So if you enjoy art and lore, please follow us on social media. Let us know what you would like to know more about, and what parts of the world you'd like to see brought to life. If you want more lore, we can do more lore drops, especially if there is a specific topic that the majority of people fall in love with. If there is something that you really want to see depicted, we can add it to our potential art list. We want to hear any feedback you have and, being such a small team, we can really take it to heart.

Also be sure to Download the Beta and give our system a go if you haven't already!

The Amazing Artists We've Worked With

Charlie Fox - Character Art

Devon Nell - Item Art

Nate Rudichuk - Environment Art

Worasak Suwannarach - Creature Art

Maxim Bazhenov - Creature Art

Arthur Yuan - Creature Art

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