District Report #1

October 2, 2020

District Report #1

An overview of several Districts composed by your Governments office of internal travel.

Central Districts

District 2

“The City was mine when I first laid my eye on it” 

-First General Malikav 

Government: Standard

Influencers: The Government, The Military, The Cult of Malikav   

District focus: Military and Transport 

Population: 15.3 million 

While District 1 acts as the seat of Government District 2 acts as the seat of military might. Several Army and Navy bases are present as is the headquarters of the Military. Training grounds, ready stations, watch towers, Mechanized Cavalry grounds, and every other military operation station is present in District 2. At the end of the day it is the bulwark protecting District 1 from all threats.  

Major Cities: Port Smith, Malikav

District 3

Government: Standard

Influencers: The Government, all other major factions

District focus: Maritime Construction/Oporation, Distribution, Farming

Population: 80.6 million 

District 3 has the biggest civilian population centers in the world with Triden that owns the biggest harbors and dry docks facilitate massive hubs for Maritime trade. Most civilian factions have operations based out of Triden. Mistral, its sister city deals with more land based trade and is home to the most Government approved museums. The district has a lot of room to grow still, with the undercity of Triden and Mistral still underutilized and infested with non-humans.      

Major Cities: Triden, Mistral

District 8

Government: Standard

Influencers: The Government, Hunters Guild, Local Groups, Anarchists

District focus: Fishing 

Population: 700,000

Due to the Reclamation Act we now know that; In prehistoric times the lands of district 8 had cities on the banks of the river’s delta with levees to keep the sea and the river at bay. But today is not the case most of the towns and villages of district 8 are built upon the concrete mounds that used to be cities. The locals crave out the living by fishing the swamp areas and harvesting crops that don’t get washed away from yearly flooding. When the district experiences yearly drought treasure hunters usually flood the area looking for prehistoric treasures now that they are legal to carry. This creates a hatred from the locals towards the treasure hunters for taxing on the local populace during times of drought.    

Major Cities: Crow’s Peak

Eastern Districts

District 36

Government: Standard

Influencers: Freemen, The Government, Spiritual Factions, The Church

District focus: Agriculture

Population: ~12 million

A staunch spiritual citizenry lives in District 36. This culture of spiritual worship likely comes from the clashes that the Darkleechers living here have with their Church neighbors to the North. Several times there have been raids into District 36 by Church officials to capture Witches and Warlocks. It is understandable why they would do so since magic is intertwined with the spiritual religion people here follow. More than once the local embassies in District 36, as well as District 23 and 24, have had to mediate spiritual and religious issues arising between the Districts. Since the Spiritual practices are decentralized and personal to each Darkleecher performing them it has been impossible for either the Church or Government to get a hold on and quell the practices. This is true even when practitioners begin to congregate in masse. Single leaders materialize from the crowd then, once disposed of by the Church, another arises but with differing views and followers. Spirituality is so ingrained in the lives of these citizens that every day life is dictated by it. Houses are not built on certain grounds, tea is drunk at very specific times, scarecrows are burned at every full and new moon. Other oddities such as these have been observed. Of note is that, generally, there is no infighting between the factions as each person's spiritual journey is seen as their own and the related beliefs they have can be different than others without issue. However, in response to Church violence, leaders have become more prevalent and this is creating religious factions within District 36. It is the official stance by the Government that personal beliefs are allowed but congregations of religious intent, other than those orchestrated by the Church, are prohibited. As leaders emerge they will have to deal not only with the Church and other spiritual factions, but also with the Central Government. Recently a group of three soothsayers, returning from a congregation at the Spirit Tower, were arrested and questioned. Information extracted from them indicates a shift to two centralized Dogmas, one coming from East Bank and the other from those living near Rondu’s Hold. 

Major Cities: East Bank

District 45

Government: Anarchist (Monarchy)

Influencers: Anarchist Factions, Crime Syndicates, The Historians of Galilee, Unknown Factions

District focus: Salt, Glass, Stone, Artifacts and Alchemical Ingredients

Population: 1.6 million

Desert sands and red-rock mesa’s are the two features of District 45 that are known across the world. This land has little to no rainfall each year, its inhabitants taking extreme measures just to survive. It is not a surprise that Anarchy has taken hold in this District. Our most updated information shows that a trial by combat, in accordance to the lunar cycle, is performed, the resulting winner becomes the de facto leader of the primarily Pariah population. Officials sent to the National House are selected by the Monarch in charge at the time. The selection date is an event which spawns a bloodbath. The Governor who is selected for this District presides over the trials and other culturally important events. Only in the past decade have outsiders settled District 45 which, like other Districts in the region, is said to have buried histories and treasures waiting to be unearthed. Generally of little interest this District has seen some major developments as of late. The first being the creation of a desert city named Vega which, due to a lack of laws, has become the home to crime syndicates and company holdings. The second major event are reports that a group, called Kindred, have begun to manifest control over local ceremonies. It is unknown if they are acting in a religious or small scale governing capacity at this time. What is known is that the members are all powerful magic users. Their leader, who has not been identified by the local embassy, is reported to be neither Human nor Darkleecher. Of secondary concern is the seismic activity that has recently occurred in the region. It is known that there are great Wurms living below the surface of these lands and several Intelligentsia have proposed a great migration coming that could wipe out a large fraction of the population residing in Vega. 

Major Cities: Vega

Western Districts

District 41

Government: Standard

Influencers: The Government, The Navy, Historians of Galilee

District focus: Agraculture, Fishing, Salt, Quartz, Artifacts

Population: ~2 million

Open land and nutrient filled soil drove the immigration of citizens to District 41. Now the citizens carve out their own space next to the old monoliths, harbors, and pyramids eroded by the Zenoca’s seasonal floods. Darkleechers and humans live in integrated societies, however there are still tensions in fringe groups that live deeper in the forests due to the Third Race War. Accessible primarily by sea, District 41 has been a prosperous frontier land for nearly all who decide to make it home. That isn’t to say it doesn’t have it’s issues. Monsoons and the subsequent flooding can tear livelihoods out from under the unprepared citizen who farms the floodplains. While these floods may decimate entire towns they also provide great bounties to few. Artifacts seem to wash downriver with the floods. Meaning there is a mad dash among adventurers to find them as soon as monsoon season ends. For those who wish to live an existence free from nature's wrath, Khasi’Koh is home. This city is built on top of ruins that run deep within the earth. So far, there have been no recent reports of monstrous creatures living in those twisted depths. 

Major Cities: Khasi’Koh

Northern Districts

District 18

Government: Standard

Influencers: The Greys, Historians of Galilee, The Government 

District focus: Industry and Education  

Population: ~60 million people

Of all the Districts 18 is by far and away the intellectual center of the world. Grey universities to all disciplines are spread throughout the large territory. Manufacturing booms. Innovations are made and a new intelligentsia rises from beneath the soot filled skies to bring about a new age based on rediscovered technologies. Fredericks University sits as the centerpiece of not only the capital but also the district. Atop the great plateau it’s towers, marvels of modern engineering, gleam above the landscape. A sight to all those for miles around to see when the skies are clear enough to do so. In recent days Fredericks University has announced that it is expanding, taking over some local warehouses, to be rebuilt and act as museums for the treasures they’re sure will be uncovered in the wake of the Reclamation Act. District 18 has a dark side to counteract it’s intelligentsia. Those who work in the industrial center of Hustadt, block after block of great mega factories reclaimed from prehistory, do so under a sunless sky. Lucky workers live in apartments packed in around train stations that shuttle them to their work just to have a clear sky and clean lungs at night. Those who live in the industrial centers do so in apartment blocks, nicknamed Abattoirs, and often die due to workplace accidents or diseases of the lung. 

Major Cities: Fredricksville, Fredrick’s University, Hustadt

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