The Church of the Twin Gods: Students of the Dual Path

September 27, 2020

The Church of the Twin Gods

When the Martyrs gave their lives for Unity, no one thought that the Church of the Twin Gods would be the result. However, hundreds of years later the followers of Nyx, Goddess of Chaos, and Darium, God of Order, find themselves sharing the same roof and working side by side to spread the teachings of the Twin Gods. These teachings are regulated in the Central Districts, but more fringe Darium and Nyxian cults can be found in many outlying townships and cities preaching radical beliefs. On the whole the Church values balance of person, where both God and Goddess have equal influence. Because of this many within The Church strive for androgyny.

To outsiders this Church may seem just like any other cult. Yet when the masses see "miracles" performed by White Priests and beasts slain by the Lead Headed Brotherhood, many become believers. The Church of the Twin Gods gives peace of mind to some and peace of soul to others. While they preach against the heresy of the Soulmenders, even those automatons can be found among their ranks. As the preachers say "there is room for all believers under the dusk light of the Twin Gods."

While its universal acceptance can make them seem benevolent, the Church has a dark history, and secrets it has kept since before the Breach. Wielders of the Arcane arts, White Priests claim to protect the world from dark magic, subdue the Mancer menace, and keep the black shadow of the old world at bay. The reality of the matter is more muddled. Some factions within the Church push for eradication of other magics and burning of artifacts. Others, namely the Black Priests, who practice all forms of magic for "the greater good of mankind," wish to find a balance even between magical domains, and study texts deemed heretical generations ago. Most stand somewhere in between, or at the fringes of, these ideologies. All that can be said for certain is that many within the Church have committed heinous acts, permitted only because they were believed necessary by those higher up in the clergy. Now, however, the Reclamation Act has seemingly driven a wedge between many groups in this once Unified Church of the Twin Gods.

Some worry about the fate of the Unity of the Church, but those at the top seem unconcerned, their plans turned outward. Bracing, perhaps, for a storm to come.

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