The Families: The Greys

September 27, 2020

The Grey Blood

"The life-blood of industry flows from the Greys. If you remove them the body of industry will surely die."

-The Hound

The Greys are a lineage born out of pragmatism. They have become the leaders in industry, science, medicine, philosophy, art, and more, mostly through marriage to the most brilliant and dedicated people, generation after generation. The Grey Family encourages its members to breed with individuals of eminence in their field, no matter what that field may be. For this reason, the Grey family is highly mixed in race and social origin. Even Darkleechers and Exalted have made their way into the Grey family.

Recorded History of The Greys

A lot has changed within the family power structure between the Breach and modern day. Many family members that did not take on new names post-Breach are said to have been branded due to their fathers sins, and many were executed during the Purge. Thomas D. Grey survived the Purge though unknown means, only to later die of an opium overdose. His soul was preserved in a phylactery, and Thomas was made into a Soulmender against his will. Thomas D. Grey currently serves as the Family’s historian, living as one of the oldest known Soulmenders to still retain some semblance of sanity. Much of the information obtained from Thomas D. Grey has been reliable and forms the basis for much of the Government's current understanding of the Grey family history and current hierarchy.

The current head of the family is Theodore T. Grey (age 54) with his son Henry F. Grey (age 23) next in line for the head of house. Theodore Grey has been a proponent for Free Speech and lifting the ban on Research and Development of pre-Breach technologies, most recently lobbying for the Reclamation Act. Most of his opponents point to the Grey family history as a good reason to stand against any law that would grant the Greys the freedom to research and create new technologies based on historical discoveries.        

Recently, the Greys have begun buying up new territory and have made seemingly strategic marriages to multiple smaller families. Government spies in the Greys report that Theodore Grey has “been tired of watching his family die with a whimper!” This attitude is thought to refer to the new laws relaxing penalties for studying pre-Breach history and technologies. It seems as if he believes that the Grey family owns these past technologies, and others who would recreate old machinery are merely vultures. Contact with Thomas D. Grey has ceased, and his whereabouts are unknown. Surveillance and security around all known Grey family properties, manufacturing sites, and estates has been increased. With the Grey family threatened by new developments, namely in the area of medicine, it is hard to predict what steps they may take to secure their dominance over the massive industrial machine that hold up the world of Acheron.

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