The Historians of Galilee: Keepers of Truth

September 27, 2020

The Historians of Galilee

"Truth Above All Else"

The Historians of Galilee trace their origin to a time before the Breach. It is an order of secret lore mongers, and has lost knowledge of much of it's past due to Government intervention, re-education, and executions. Galilee, the Historians' namesake, is said to have been the last bastion of knowledge buried by the Government. Once a great library, now a pile of dust. Historian lore claims that their faction originates from a band of monks who saw the future dark age hurtling towards them, and acted to save what they could. These monks memorized texts and lore before fleeing to the corners of the world, or at least that's what the Historians believe. In any case, they are now a decentralized organization, connected by secret codes, love of lore, honor for history, and years of hardship.

Most Historians fall under one of three primary philosophies:


Many Historians travel far and wide, meeting with the old and wise along their path to swap stories. Seekers collect oral histories, myths, and traditions that have been passed down through the ages. They see these oral traditions as the living memory of Acheron, and believe that it is critical that they be preserved. It is common for Seekers to tout the oral traditions as being the hardest form of history to erase. They are also seen as living, evolving, and carrying the core truths with them from generation to generation. This living aspect aligns with the Seekers belief that history is meant to be shared and experienced by all peoples so that everyone can learn from it. Seekers can often be found living with groups they've become engrained with, or traveling the road day after day, never retreading a step.


While the Seekers see truth in the living word, Delvers believe that only the direct texts and artifacts of the past can bring the real history that has been lost for so long out of the darkness and into the light. Delvers are adventurous hunters of truth; exploring long lost ruins, excavating ancient burial sites, and decoding texts older than Breach are all part of a normal day for a Delver. Delvers generally work for wealthy backers looking for simple treasure, such as a fabled artifact or piles of gold. While this often gives the Historians a cover story, they have still been subjected to execution, or exile to Anarchy Districts after Government mandated "re-education". Delvers have suffered for generations in their search for the truth, and nothing has stopped them yet.


Seekers deal with the spoken histories, Delvers with the direct texts of the past, which leaves the tomes of the modern age to the Arcanists. These Historians believe that primary references can be one sided views from their own time, and mistranslated in the modern day. They also believe that the spoken traditions and histories of people still living are warped and twisted from what they once were. Reading between the lines of ancient accounts and modern texts, the Arcanists construct the events of the past by what is and is not omitted from the information available to them. Many Arcanists swap theories and knowledge in relative safety compared to their peers, all the while believing that they hold the clearest looking glass into the past.  

Modern Day

Now that the Reclamation Act has passed, many Historians of Galilee have come out of hiding, excited to share their life's work with like minded academics and the people of the world. A few are less enthusiastic however, still weary of the Government and what games they could be playing.

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