The Hunters Guilds: Killers in the Night

September 27, 2020

Hunters Guilds

The Hunters Guilds are a small yet powerful faction in the world of Acheron. Members are from all walks of life, whether that be Grey or Ellson, pauper or ruffian. Citizens often refer to the Hunters Guild as a single entity. However, there are five different sub-factions, all with their own motives and approaches. All of these Guilds have been in existence for centuries and are a core part of society, even if many people don't believe in the monsters they kill. While these men and women sometimes resemble the nightmares they hunt, they spare the populace from having to face what goes bump in the night. 

Blindman's Guild 

The Blindman’s Guild is one of the most reclusive Hunter’s Guilds. While they accept anyone into their ranks who can find a sponsor - which is no easy task - those who choose to join must prove their loyalty. During the ritual of induction a new Hunter must remove their own eyes to “enhance their other senses." This ritual removal of the eyes gives the Blindman’s Guild their name. Though these Hunters lack sight they should not be underestimated, especially in close quarters. Their honed dexterity makes them superior to most other martial practitioners with hands or blades. Even Government Agents. Other Hunter's Guilds follow strict codes of conduct, while the Blindman's Guild follows a code of sacrifice. Routine use of drug cocktails and other defilement of self result in menacing men and women lethal in combatant. 

Deadman’s Guild

Hunters from the Deadman’s Guild are composed solely of Soulmenders, and are generally Hunters from other Guilds that have been captured in a Soulmetal Phylactery. While this is true for most, it is known that some members are taken from the general Soulmender populous. Advanced equipment is the staple of this Hunters Guild. Heavy modification is performed by members in preparation for specific hunts. They use a vast array of armaments, generally crafted in house or supplied by the Wiseman’s Guild. Unlike some other Guilds the Deadman’s Guild relies on contracts for their primary source of income. This makes them highly reliant on the Wiseman’s Guild during “dry seasons” for extra financial support. The use of modifications falls in line with the Guild's predisposition for perfection of the person. This results in a certain amount of loathing towards the other Hunters Guilds for their outlandish tactics (Blindman’s Guild), superior attitudes (Wiseman’s Guild), and lack of training (Hangman’s Guild).

Hangman's Guild

Unlike other Hunters Guilds, which are composed of informed volunteers, the Hangman’s Guild recruits from the gallows. While not technically Government sanctioned, there is a president for prisoners awaiting execution to be bought and used for various purposes by families and organizations. The obvious result of this recruitment method is a massive number of untrained Hunters. What they lack in skill and funding the Hangman’s Guild makes up for with brute force and numbers. Because they are large and comprised entirely of criminals, low ranking members are generally used for fodder and as test subjects for the Wiseman’s Guild. In fact, the connection to the Wiseman’s Guild is paramount as they are responsible for supporting the Hangman's Guild both financially and intellectually.

Wiseman’s Guild

The Wiseman’s Guild is comprised of the upper echelons of society and education. While other Guilds primarily hunt philanthropically or for financial gain, the Wiseman’s Guild is focused on the study of beasts or hunting for sport. Fully funded by member's dues they use the Hangman’s Guild for field studies and the Deadman’s Guild for testing technology. These tests provide invaluable information that is disseminated to all Hunter’s Guilds, except for the Dumbman’s Guild due to a philosophical schism. Among other responsibilities, the Wiseman’s Guild hosts all Guilds at the Hunter’s retreat and maintains Hunter outposts. 

Members of this Guild generally focus on finesse, mental fortitude, and spiritual endeavors to fight against beasts. However, there are Hunters from all walks of life present in this Guild, including those who simply study and have never personally raised a hand against a beast. 

Dumbman’s Guild

Of all the Hunter’s Guilds, the Dumbman’s Guild is by far the most devout. Comprised of men and women who have taken an oath of silence to better fight beasts, they find themselves isolated in their purely philanthropic pursuit. Their funds come from selling "enchanted goods" rather than the Wiseman’s Guild, since they do not want a part in “blood money” as they phrase it, or rather, write it. The origin of these enchanted goods are unknown, as is the validity of their nature. Dumbmen are Hunters and trackers to their core, focusing on stealth and clean kills without civilian casualties. 

Calling of the Great Hunt!

A Great Hunt can be initiated by any Guild at any time. All that is required is the existence of a beast, or number of beasts, that require the Hunters Guilds working in concert to kill. The calling of the Great Hunt results in a grand meeting at the Hunter’s Lodge, followed by a systematic and coordinated operation. A single Great Hunt has been called within the last 30 years, however no Hunters speak openly about it. The only thing that is known for sure is that it resulted in the near total annihilation of the Hangman’s Guild, which has only recently recovered. 

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