Wexler Investigation Agency: Enforcers for the Every Man

September 28, 2020

The Wexler Investigation Agency

The Wexler Investigation Agency originated with Theodosia Wexler and a small band of rough riders who would protect and drive cattle along the Northern planes. What was once a small insular band has grown into a worldwide organization that prides itself on getting the job done, whatever that job may be. In the early years the Wexler Investigation Agency was just that, an investigation agency. They had moved on from guarding caravans of cattle to helping locals discover and expose the perpetrators of crimes the Government and other factions ignored. All kinds of cases fell into the Wexler's laps; adultery, missing persons, unsolved murders, protection... none of them were too big or small for the Wexler's. Over time the Wexler's grew, expanding into the Central Districts and Eastern frontier. With their growth in numbers came a growth of reputation; if the money was good, the job would get done. That can-do attitude sounded positive at first, but overtime rumors of crimes such as blackmail and murder began to mar the Wexler reputation. This lead to the first round of purges of "bad apples" before Theodosia Wexler's death.

In her will Theodosia Wexler gave her fortune back to the Agency, driving its expansion to every single District after her death. Multiple offices can now be found in all major cities, with dozens of Wexler Agents operating out of them on a daily basis. The rise of the Wexler Investigation Agency without Theodosia at it's head has resulted in many more blemishes on its reputation. Under the new management, numerous scandals have adorned the headlines. The deaths of several Ellson bankers, a Grey factory sabotaged, and the notorious Vega incident all mark the recent past of the organization. Even with many arrests of middle management and other personnel, these incidents are not yet behind the Agency. However, it doesn't seem to matter much, as the Wexler's are indispensable to many smaller factions in a world dominated by the three major Families and the Government.

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