Your Government: An Overview of the People That Keep You Safe.

February 27, 2021

The Government

“Peace in war and war in peace”

The History of Your Government.

Produced by: The National Bureau of Propaganda and Domestic Security

Like most things in our natural world, your Government started from humble beginnings. Like an oak grown from a simple seed, the government came from a simple idea. The idea was to end all wars, unite all peoples, and destroy the tyrants of the world. The founding fathers devised a way to do just that. It was really quite simple, they just asked the five immoral nations of Acheron; [redacted], [redacted], [redacted], [redacted], and [redacted]. With money from the family of the first great family, the Ellsons, The Government had the means and tools to convenience the other nations to unite for this noble idea. One by one they were convinced to surrender control. After they submitted, your omnipotent Government sealed off The Breach, and in doing so saved the known world. 

The Structure

Your Government is nominally run by the Republic House, made up of five representatives from each District, regardless of governing philosophy. The Republic House votes to install Governors for each district. Governors in turn set the standards for how the five members of the Republic House are chosen. Under the approved governmental system, each District has a Lower, or District, House of Representatives. This District House is voted for by District Citizens. Citizenship for each district is determined by the District Governor. District houses and District Governors may nominate persons for the Republic House. The District House is also responsible for selecting Mayors for regions and cities in their District. Any other system is labeled Anarchist by default. Non-government, or Anarchist, entities may be allowed to function if the following criteria are met: the District is stable, the District obeys all National laws, the District sends exactly five persons to the Republic House on time, the District pays the appropriate taxes to the National Government. Failure to meet any of these criteria will result in reports from the local Embassy, resulting in immediate Agency and Military action. 

The Council 

Your Government is broken into several parts. The Council is the highest body of your Government, and their identities are unknown. New members of The Council are selected by The Council when one of their members dies. The qualifications necessary to become a member of The Council and how they are chosen is unknown. The number of times they have had to choose new members is also unknown. The Council has the power to declare war, veto any law, institute any law, incarcerate or free any person, move military forces, or alter anything that your Government controls. 

The House

The Republic House is an organization run by 300 members that are chosen by their local Districts. House members can be chosen by any means by their districts; some are elected, others are born into a noble line, a few were the last person to assassinate their predecessor, an unsettling number paid the largest sum, etc... How ever they are chosen, they represent their local government in The Republic House. Their job is to make national laws that don’t contradict each other. After they formulate a bill or reform they send it to The Council. The Council has absolute veto power. The members of local District houses can make any local laws they wish, as long as they don't contradict any national laws.

The Three Heads of Domestic Defense

The Three heads of domestic defense are The National Police (Law Dogs), The National Bureau of Propaganda and Domestic Security (PDS), and The National Bureau of Paranormal Research and Containment (PRC). These organizations are all designed to preserve your safety; The National Police neutralize anarchists, maintain local order, and remove criminals from the streets. The PDS is designed to keep you informed, investigate internal affairs, and report targets of interest. Last but not least, our newest branch, The PRC, look into reports of the supernatural or paranormal phenomenon. This is merely a formality to confirm that no such things exist and to explain to any eye witnesses that what they saw was perfectly natural.

Thank you all of you for reading this official PDS document, and never forget to remember who's fighting for YOU!

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