District Report #2

August 18, 2021

District Report #2

An overview of several Districts composed by your Governments office of internal travel.

Central Districts

District 5

Governance: Standard

Influential Parties: The Government, The Navy

District Specialty: Recreation and Service Industry

District Population: ~736,000

Population Center(s): Light Cove

Light cove is a major stop over for anyone traveling by sea to the Central Districts. This, paired with the surprisingly temperate climate have resulted in the city becoming a Tourist destination for those who can afford it. District 5 a melting pot of sorts, with a majority of the several million on the island at any given time being from other Districts. It has many attractions such as one of the biggest carnivals in the world. It also has a zoo known for its rare and exotic animals and plants. Most spend less than a week in the District but those who live there permanently are either the upper middle class, who cannot afford to live in District 6, or service workers who live in Light Cove or the far side of the island. With the constant flux of people in and out, Light Cove has grown an extensive organized crime community. Their focus has been on the import of drugs and Blacklisted goods to the Central Districts but a larger shift to human trafficking has been noted by analysts. Due to these facts, the island has a larger Agent to District Citizen ratio than anywhere else in the world with the exception of District 1.

District 10

Governance: Standard

Influential Parties: The Government, The Greys, The Ellsons 

District Specialty: Education, Trade, Service Industry, Entertainment 

District Population: 18 million 

Population Center(s): Pointsmith

District 10 has the most universities and cultural centers of any of the Central Districts, with Government approved art, history, music, science, and religious projects predominating the local architecture and culture. All the greatest minds the Government selects throughout the world find themselves raised and educated in Pointsmith. An engineered melting pot of peoples drawn in from the corners of the world, it is through education at the many Pointsmith institutions that the Government hopes to smooth over relations worldwide. However, the Government keeps a tight rein on any dissent that sparks in this city. Many who have oppositional views, and express them liberally or violently, are typically relocated and reeducated.

Eastern Districts

District 24

Governance: Anarchist (Theocracy)

Influential Parties: The Church, The Government

District Specialty: Religious Activity

District Population: 8.1 Million

Population Center(s): Nahatak, Krochiata

Two great citadels rise from the landscape in District 24. First is Krochiata, which in legends was the first line of defense between the realms of man and Djinn from the desert. Untrue by all accounts, it still remains a point of strategic interest as it oversees all travel that comes through Rondu’s Pass. Nahatak however is of the greatest spiritual importance to all followers of the Twin Gods. A modern city of great stonework has been erected here, on land that seems of almost no value. However, it is beneath a great dome at the center of the city that the martyrs are said to have been burned. Due to this fact Nahatak is a gathering place for pilgrims making “The Journey” and where the High Priests and higher ranking members of the Habid congregate to decide on the Churches future plans.

District 37

Governance: Standard

Influential Parties: The Freemen, The Central Government

District Specialty: Logistics, Politics, Fishing and Agriculture.

District Population: ~15 million

Population Center(s): Freehold, Riverseed

Home of the primary Freeman Houses; the Daymen, the Faeman, the Styxmen, and the Duskmen, Freehold is the oldest Freeman city. As the primary influence on all Freemen the houses work tirelessly to maintain order across not only District 37 but all Freeman Districts. It is no surprise that food production in District 37 is plentiful and always on time. Culturally and politically Darkleechers and Freemen dominate the landscape. Segregation is forcefully maintained here whereas in other Districts, such as District 39, segregation has become lax as of late. More open travel policies that came with the Reclamation Act have created a schism in all of Freeman society but it can be felt the most in District 37 and the city of Freehold in particular. A minority percentage of Darkleechers think it is time to end segregation, others think it’s time to lessen the restrictions, while others staunchly believe Segregation is responsible for their prosperous way of life. While this infighting occurs it does so in one of the most fruitful and beautiful Districts in the world. Freehold is a sprawling metropolis of red brick buildings and white tile roofs. Built to last for generations and it has. At the center of the city square is a concrete clocktower where the Great Uniter is said to have given their first and last speech. Many flock from all over the world to stand where they stood in history. This square also sees the changing of the guard from each Freeman group to the next with the cycles of the seasons. While not as politically important, Riverseed acts as the distribution hub for all agriculture west of the River Nyx.

District 39

Governance: Standard

Influential Parties: The Freemen, Mages Guilds, Minor Factions, The Government, The Greys.

District Specialty: Lumber, Woodwork, Magical Materials

District Population: 7.7 million

Population Center(s): Remora

In District 39 they have a saying “Well to the West, Eagles to the East.” This saying encapsulates the feelings the population has for their own Darkleecher brothers to the West and for the Ellson Districts to the East. Much of District 39 was destroyed in the Second Race War but great lengths have been taken to rebuild. An interesting architectural style, likely driven by the skew towards Spirit Darkleechers in this population, has taken hold here. Forgoing the concrete and brick used in almost every other District here they use wood to create almost all buildings. Woodwork has become an art in District 39. The use of large and small beams, interlaced in complex joinery patterns, creates magnificent structures reaching five stories tall regularly. These structures are crafted all without the use of glue or nails. Most notable is the Liyan “Spirit” Tower. Using trunks that were 300 feet in length as a core structure the tower reaches over 500 feet high. Liyan Tower is viewed as both a memorial for all the Darkleecher lives lost since their arrival to these lands as well as a spiritual gathering place. It is postulated that the citizens' fear and disdain of their Ellson neighbors is what has caused such a magnificent divergence from conventional construction. Their separation and anguish from their kin in the West may also be a factor. This separation is due to a lesser focus on agriculture than other Freemen held Districts. A sense of disconnection may be the reason Remora, the Capital, holds gatherings at the end of each season. These gatherings, more akin to city wide, week-long parties bring Freemen and others from the distant west all the way to Remora.

Western Districts

District 53

Governance: Standard

Influential Parties: The Government

District Specialty: Shipping and Distribution

District Population: ~4 million

Population Center(s): New Romar and Old Romar

Vastly unpopulated in it’s Western reaches, unusually infertile soil, and a societal propensity towards supernatural legends mark District 53. Recent studies of the soil have revealed no lack of nutrients but have found several unidentified organisms that do not seem of this world. More study into this phenomena is underway to try to curb the supernatural reactivity of the local populace. Two relatively small cities exist here, the capital of Old Romar at the border of Districts 50, 51, 52, and 53 as well as New Romar on the border of District 20 and 54. The capital acts as a transportation center for Anarchy District 51 as well as a distribution center for District 52, shuttling goods and personnel. Citizens of the Capital are known to keep to their homes at night, never venture too far from the city, and claim that any who do stray will disappear. Similar paranoid actions are undertaken by the citizens of New Romar. Increased numbers of disappearances have been documented in District 53. These have been officially linked to emigration to the deeply forested East as legends of a city of gold have begun to circulate in addition to defections to District 57. However, unofficially The National Bureau of Paranormal Research and Containment has increased research initiatives in the area. Whether these initiatives are due to the disappearances or not is redacted information at this time. What is known is that the small towns and villages that exist are very distrusting of outsiders and even cityfolk. All traveling to District 53 should be prepared to deal with local paranoia and myths.

District 55

Governance: Standard

Influential Parties: The Government

District Specialty: Wood Products, Exotic Plants and Animals

District Population: ~1.8 million

Population Center(s): Zenoca City

Dense forest is the primary feature of District 55, with ancient trees reaching five hundred feet in height. Zenoca city is the capital of this district, sitting on the western edge of the territory near the District 20 border and Zenoca river. Originally District 55 was an Anarchist District but has enjoyed peaceful rule by a standard governing body for decades. However, the recent introduction of the Reclamation Act has stirred unrest since there is a strong historical link between the civilization that built the Pyramids in this region - including Districts 41, 42, and 54 - and the Exalted and other groups living near The Wall. Known for its exotic remedies and ingredients District 55 remains one of the truly untapped frontiers. Daily more and more of the forest is cleared away by lumber mills opening up new lands for exploration and development. However, there have been issues with expansion in this District recently. Reports of entire towns going missing overnight, strange lights dancing in the trees, and predators hunting anyone out on their own have created unfounded legends of the land fighting back against the population. Also of note is the presence of The Pit in this District. A prehistory prison that may have been used as an ancient mining operation, The Pit is the final resting place of the most dangerous entities that are apprehended by The Government and, more precisely, The National Bureau of Paranormal Research and Containment. Any further inquiry about The Pit must be directed to and processed by the NBPRC.

Northern Districts

District 16

Governance: Standard

Influential Parties: The Greys, The Government, The Historians,

District Specialty: Mining and Refinement

District Population: 9 million

Population Center(s): The Black City, Malmi

Greatly overshadowed in both manufacturing potential and scale by District 18, District 16 makes its own name as a mining center that supplies rare metals to the foundries that give it’s capital the nickname “The Black City”. Smoke shrouded skies and harsh work conditions do not shake this District's dedication to Grey principles. Great advancements are consistently made in the fields of Metallurgy and Material Science at the local Strigholm University. Materials of all types are exported from this District and it is unlikely the modern Grey Family machine could survive without their Black City’s constant flow of molten metals. Malmi is another great boon to the Grey family, acting as the funnel for all metals and ores coming from the North West. While the District, and cities, are controlled in all but name by the Grey family there has been an increasing movement by other companies and families involved in mining and refining to unite against the “Black Menace" their own nickname for The Black City. A major push for unionization is also underway in District 16. Which the Greys believe may be backed by those encroaching on their industry. While it is rare that any major illegal activity occurs there are rumors of anti-Grey alliances sabotaging machinery and poaching specialists from the Grey ranks. On the other hand, rumors also circulate of Greys paying off opposition labor to strike for months, further fueling the union efforts. Underlying all of this is an air of discovery as many artifacts are often drudged up and discovered by surveyors looking for rich metal veins in the mountains.

District 48

Governance: Anarchist (Monarchy) 

Influential Parties: Anarchist Factions, The Government, Universities

District Specialty: Honey and Wall Shards

District Population: ~4 million

Population Center(s): The Jewel of the North

A primary Anarchist District and blasted wasteland. District 48 is home to a large criminal population which vies for control with a minority Exalted population. While the criminal factions that have been exiled here widely outnumber the Exalted they are by and far less organized. For this reason the Exalted Monarchy has sustained control for generations, going so far as to build what they call “the Jewel of the North.” An expansive city that is built both on the Wall and surrounding foothills that press up against it. The Jewel of the North has the only well water for miles. Combined with the looming presence of The Wall, this has led to a peaceful existence for the city as it is almost impossible to attack for a sustained amount of time. Within the city colorful banners fly, goats and camels are herded through the streets, gladiators fight, and honey flows. In fact honey, made by a species of bee that lives solely in the Northern desert, is the primary export of District 48 followed closely by Wall Shards and Executioners. It has been confirmed that the Monarchy does not mine the Wall Shards but instead have a large cache collected sometime in prehistory. These they hoard greedily as Wall Shards are worth more than gold on the open market. Generally exportation of both their Honey and Wall Shards only occurs when an Executioner is contracted. All goods travel with the Executioner until they reach the city whose signed their contract. From this point the goods are sold, the Executioner employed, and their entourage returns home with gold in hand. Recently there have been attempts by researchers to gain intimate access to the District. All attempts have been blocked by the Monarchy. However, the Anarchist underbelly has been known to transport those wishing to enter District 48. Most go missing, thought sold into slavery or murdered, but some return to their respective Universities reporting a wealth of Ibian and non-Ibian artifacts.

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